Tai Lue Culture: Farming

This was from a 2002 newsletter: Young people today are more aware than ever how the farming life does not pay the kind of money city jobs do. There is a growing dissatisfaction with working the land. Lower prices given for rice, pineapples, and rubber are some of the main […]

Who we are

Scott: I have been doing Bible translation in the Tai Lue language, Jenny’s language. There are 750,000 speakers and the people group is probably 90% Therevada Buddhist. About a third of them live in Yunnan Province in China, a third in Burma (Myanmar) and a third in Laos, Thailand, Vietnam […]

Helpful Software

Here is the lastest iteration of the most widely-used Bible translation software from UBS/SIL And for everyday Bible study Logos is great. They have a entry-level pretty bare bones but free product available Dig deeper with the best Bible software onyour PC.Logos Bible Software puts the world’s finest Bible study […]

First post

We have had this website for over a year and I haven’t set it up yet. Today I was trying to see if Blogo could help this out. It connected me to this site and through Blogo, I can add text and other things. Just to make it simple I […]