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Scott: I have been doing Bible translation in the Tai Lue language, Jenny’s language. There are 750,000 speakers and the people group is probably 90% Therevada Buddhist. About a third of them live in Yunnan Province in China, a third in Burma (Myanmar) and a third in Laos, Thailand, Vietnam and other mostly Western countries. Those from that third that live outside Laos/Thailand is small percentage wise.

Jenny: Before I met Scott, I was already visiting small villages in my area. I was in a medical training program in 1994-95 and my classmates were from quite a few minority groups different than mine. I brought Bibles to some of them, but those were in Mandarin which is not their heart language. I enjoy talking to people and counseling and praying with them, so that is what I did. In those years, the roads were bad or didn’t even exist, so often we would take a three-wheeled motorcyle taxi or even a tractor as far as the road went, and then walked the rest of the way.

After having our three kids

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